How To Quit Smoking Easily

We all know that cigarette smoking is bad for you, but why can’t people just stop smoking? We can come up with a whole list of what smoking does to the body and none of them are good. Studies have shown that smoking harms nearly every organ of the body. Around 90% of lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking. In the U.S. statistics shows that cigarette smoking is the leading preventable cause of death. There are around close to 500,000 deaths each year.

This is the reason why we need to find out ways on how to quit smoking easily. It is common for us to have a loved one or a friend who smokes. They know that it is bad for them, but they just can’t seem to stop the habit. Despite all the ads and the information available now for all types of media there is still a large number of the population that are hooked and they don’t know how to stop.

The Root Cause Of The Smoking Addiction

Cigarette smoking is an addiction and nicotine is the culprit. Nicotine is a chemical that contains nitrogen and is one of the main ingredients in tobacco. This is a highly addictive substance which is why people can’t just quit easily. Nicotine is both a sedative and a stimulant. This is why some smokers feel relaxed when they smoke while others experience an energy boost due to the stimulation of the adrenal glands.

Nicotine addiction can be compared to heroin and cocaine addiction. This is why smokers who want to quit have to go through the same process as heroin addicts do when they undergo rehab.

Nicotine also causes the release of dopamine. This brain chemical gives a feeling of pleasure or contentment. This is the same “high” that drug addicts experience. Since the brain will soon tolerate the nicotine level in the body, more nicotine will be needed to give the user the same experience at first. This is why we see smokers needing to increase their cigarette consumption. It’s really the same process with drug addiction. The problem is cigarettes are legal which is why this has become a full-blown problem worldwide.

How To Quit Using The CBQ Method

The quest for a way on how to quit smoking easily finally ends now with this CBQ quit smoking method. We can now have a tested, proven and easy method that we can share with our friends and loved ones so that they can start their journey on the way to quitting the smoking addiction.

Nasia Davos is an ex-smoker who has developed this CBQ method which is known for being stress free, permanent and easy. It has been her advocacy to provide a way to help smokers quit easily. Years of extensive research has borne fruit with the CBQ method which she now shares with everyone.

The Cognitive Behavioral Quitting method is a unique sequence of simple scientific techniques that remove your need to smoke.

This is a product of over 8 years of research and testing with proven results.  

The success rate is 94% with 85% of smokers quitting permanently on the first attempt and 9% on the second or third attempt.

The CBQ method works because it follows the 4 exact stages the brain goes through when it is attached or detached from a habit or addiction.

The 4 Stages of CBQ

  1. Choose to quit.

This starts with the smoker making a strong decision to quit smoking.

  1. Cultivate your potential and Crush the fear of quitting.

This second stage is where you deal with the fears that may hinder you from being smoke free. Smokers have to believe that quitting is possible and believe it.

  1. Change your smoking pattern

Stage number 3 is where you get rid of your smoking habit, remove your desire for smoking and smoke your final cigarette. Learning to control your emotions is crucial in this stage, you need to learn how to be relaxed even without smoking.

  1. Condition your smoke free life

This last stage will make sure that you stay smoke free for the rest of your life without feeling deprived, stressed and gaining weight.

This method has to be done in sequence and can’t be mixed up.

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