How To Become A Writer?

Writers are authors of written pieces for publication. They may write magazine articles like, web content, song lyrics, scripts for movies, ad copies, and books.

Majority of writers are self-employed and write pieces of content on a contractual basis.

You can become a writer even if you have no formal training or education. As long as you have a creative mind and a strong grasp of language then you can become a writer.

You can come from any educational background but there are courses that are for writers like English, journalism and communications degrees.

Those who study for an English degree learn about the history of English language literature and literary criticism. You can choose to focus on one or more authors or literary movements.

Creative writing courses are done in a workshop format. Students write pieces and then share them with the class for discussion and critique.

A college course in Journalism includes reporting, communications, research, writing, and editing. Students can major in a specific type of journalism like magazine reporting, editorial writing, news analysis and online journalism. There are programs that require students to concentrate in another subject area.

Students who enroll in communications courses can focus on a type of field like advertising or public relations. These programs include writing courses in addition to art direction, media strategies, video production, political campaigning, public opinion and interactive marketing.

Prospective writers need to train and develop voice and style.

Writers are not required to get any certification or license to write. Self-employed writers just need to take care of their tax obligations as freelance workers.

There is no timeframe before one becomes a writer, but in order to earn from writing it takes years of practice and hard work.

The average pay for writers in the United States this 2018 is $23.98 per hour.

The job market is projected to grow with writers who specialize in online media and digital publishing tools having the advantage over the old school authors.

Technology has also made it possible for writers to their own e-books.

As a writer gains more experience and a larger audience bigger opportunities await from selling books or working for large publishing companies.

Some will choose to become editors who guide other writers and make content decisions for online and print publications.

Writers who have degrees can go into higher education to increase their value in the market.

Finding a job would require you to show prospective employers and clients your portfolio. College can give you many opportunities to build a portfolio. You can write for your school paper, write scripts for plays, and publish poetry.

If you have no portfolio during college, you can accept small writing jobs and ask your employer or client for permission to include your work in your portfolio.

The internet has changed the landscape of communications over the past years. New writing careers and opportunities have emerged and the emphasis is on web writing, media production, and editing.

There are many sites that freelance writers can go to in order to find writing opportunities. Clients are looking for content writers, bloggers, editors, technical writers, copywriters, news writers, ebook writers, ghostwriters and a whole lot more.

Freelance sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, iWriter, and PeoplePerHour are some of the top freelancing websites that you can check out for paid writing opportunities.

You can also do manual submissions of finished work to publications like journals, websites, and magazines. Publications often do shout outs for online submissions for pieces on a particular theme.

You can also hire a literary agent who can help find the best projects for you.

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