How Can I Make Money By Writing?

We have heard it before; most writers don’t get rich.

This reality is what writers and those that aspire to be writers have to face when you decide to make writing a career.

Before making that leap of faith, read on to answer the question. How can I make money by writing?

Choosing writing as a source of income has its benefits. You can choose where you work and with whom. If you don’t like working with a particular person, then you have the choice not to.

This freedom that writers have has attracted many to pursue writing as a career.

Hardships come when reality bites, there can be uncertainty due to lack of projects or your publication closes down.

The key to realizing your dream of becoming a successful writer is to make the first step which is to start writing for a living.

There should be a concrete plan on how you can achieve your dreams and hasten your speed in getting from where you are now and where you desire to be.

You don’t need to carve your path in this industry; you can choose the path that other great writers have taken.

One way of getting paid for writing is to provide content for blogs, articles, and journals.

You hear talk about global content fatigue, but the truth is large online and offline publications will close down if they stop publishing content.

This means that popular blogs and publications will always be thirsty for quality content and pay for it. You just need to look for the best opportunities and stick to your rate.

Guest posting on popular blogs is mostly unpaid with most writers trading their content for exposure. There are still some who pay for guest articles.

There are websites who pay writers $50 per post. Carol Tice of Make a Living Writing has posted a list of websites that pay writers for guest posts.

Guest posting can also lead to other paid work, the exposure that your article gets can lead to more open doors and paid writing assignments.

Content marketing has become a pillar when it comes to SEO. This strategy is the reason why there are companies who are willing to pay for writers that can provide valuable content on a regular basis.

This trend has created a market for writers who can provide content for a specific audience. These content starved businesses need articles, and they are willing to pay top dollar to get the best writers.

The competition here is quite fierce; there are writers who are offering the same services as yours and may even haggle for a lower rate just to get the project.

Be patient, in time you will be able to break away from the low earning throng of writers.

If you want to distinguish yourself from the masses, you need to build your platform using blogging and guest posting to show your expertise.

You can also make it as a big-time author. Years back, self-publishing was only a dream and writing a best selling book was only on the top of your wish list.

With the emergence of Amazon and Kindle, the self-published book market has become enormous and earning unlimited income from writing e-books are now closer to reality for most writers.

According to a report from Author Earnings, 1,600 indie authors are getting $25k above from Amazon book sales and 1,000 of these authors published their first book in the last three years.

The best fit for the average blogger is to go the nonfiction route. If you are blogging in a popular niche there is a huge chance that books that cover similar topics will also become popular.

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