3 Ways To Write a Blog That Will Go Viral

All bloggers dream about their blog posts going viral. Who wouldn’t want to attract thousands of readers and keep them visiting your site regularly?

Bloggers consider it the holy grail of blog writing. A blog post that skyrockets because everyone is talking about it and sharing it at the same time.

Some people have this idea that viral means millions of views and shares which is unrealistic. This can happen for highly publicized music and prank videos, but for written content, it is nearly impossible.

Viral blog posts can be relative based on the blogger. For some, it means 200 shares and above, others 500 and for another 10,000 shares on Facebook is the magic number.

Some may think that for a blog post to go viral you just have to rely on pure old luck.

Not anymore, Bryan Hutchinson of Positive Writer shares with us 3 ways to write a blog that will go viral, successful as the Awards Online Blog.

Know Your Niche

The first step is to have a blog in your chosen niche. The more specific your niche is, the easier for you to write content that will be attractive to your readers.

Many blogs publish posts on a wide variety of topics. Having no focus on any one topic spreads yourself too thin.

Imagine each of your posts appealing to a fraction of the blog’s audience. This lowers the chances for it to spread.

The worst thing that can happen is readers can get annoyed by ever-changing topics and might choose to unfollow altogether.

Becoming an authority and an expert in your niche increases your chance of writing blog posts that can go viral.

Just because you write a blog does not automatically make you an expert in your field. Readers will quickly discover if you don’t know much about your topics. The sad part is, once they notice that you are not an expert they won’t even tell you. They will just leave your site and won’t even consider sharing your work.

To become an expert in your niche, you need to stay updated on the latest trends and industry news.

Do your research and learn everything that there is to know about your niche. Read other blogs on the same topic and stay updated all the time.

If your blog is about real estate, you may want to share news about the latest trends or new developments. An easy way to do this is setting up Google news alerts for keywords like “real estate” and “property news.” Google will send you related articles in your email.

Becoming knowledgeable in your niche will allow you to write content that gives value to your readers and they will see you as an expert in that field.

Know Your Community

You are now an expert in your niche, but your content is still not spreading. The next step is to know the people within your niche.

Discover where your ideal readers are hanging out online. Look at the most popular blogs in your niche. Read all discussions in the comments section especially for the most talked about topics.

Involve yourself by providing answers and comments on other blogs’ comment section without mentioning your blog.

If you give value to others, they may research your name and discover your blog.

Once you get to know your community better, you can tailor content for them. Learn what makes them cry, laugh, angry and happy.

You will also learn what makes your readers share content. If you know why your audience shares content then you can start writing the same type of content to cause them to share yours.

Generally, readers share content that they can relate to. If the content is inspiring, motivating and make people feel better about themselves sharing follows.

Readers love stories that deal with a certain challenge and how the writer has overcome such problems.

Study content that gets shared and look for common denominators. Are they serious, funny or informative? List down what readers are sharing the most and come up with content that has similar traits.

Knowing and understanding your community will make them share your content in no time. Be active and engage your community with your content.

Know Your Worldview

Everyone has a worldview, you need to know yours if you want your content to be shared.

This is how we see things and what we believe.

Your opinion or convictions will set you apart from the rest. It will attract readers to your site and cause others to reject your blog as well.

Be consistent about how you view things. You will attract and build a community that has a similar worldview to yours.

If your audience sees aspects of their beliefs that are the same as yours, then you can expect them to share your content.

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